Federal Assistance

Disability Benefits, Supplemental Income, and Lupus

Living with Lupus

Prednisone, Corticosteroids, and Lupus

Prednisone is a corticosteroid that can reduce the symptoms of lupus. However, it comes...

Health Insurance

Health Insurance for Lupus Warriors | Q&A Forum

Finding the perfect health insurance plan when living with lupus can be difficult. It...

Day-to-Day Living

Coronavirus and Lupus | Things to Know

Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, is a respiratory disease related to the common cold. Although most healthy people do not need to worry about the disease, people with lupus should be careful. This disease has been in the news lately, and COVID-19 (short for Coronavirus disease 2019) may well be...

Living with Lupus

Kratom, Pain Management, and Lupus

Some Lupus Warriors use kratom, an herbal supplement, to relieve pain, anxiety, and get through the day. However, the risks may not outweigh the benefits. Kratom (Mytragyna speciose) is a plant native to Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Paupua New Guinea. The "leaves contain compounds...

Living with Lupus

Moon Face, Facial Swelling, and Lupus

Moon face is a colloquial name for extreme facial swelling. It is a common side effect of certain lupus medications, especially prednisone. We humans are visual creatures. Our face is deeply linked to our identity. Moon face, a swelling or rounding of the face, can have an intense impact on...

Living with Lupus

Britt Clark | My Lupus Story

Britt Clark is the founder of Lupus Lyfe, a lupus blog with a mission of spreading awareness and inspiration to those living with lupus. She is also a contributor to The Mighty. This is her personal lupus story. When I became pregnant with my youngest son in...

Living with Lupus

Seizures and Lupus

People with lupus sometimes experience seizures – ranging from mild to severe in intensity - as a part of their symptoms. The results have been inconclusive, most likely due to the small sample sizes of these studies. A 2004 study measured it at 11.2% of lupus patients, but...

Living with Lupus

Reflexology, Massage, and Lupus

Reflexology is a type of special massage used by Lupus Warriors to combat pain and fatigue. When other medications fail, is reflexology a valid option? In reflexology, different parts of the body are “mapped” to different areas of the hands and feet (and sometimes the tongue). Practitioners focus...


Cenerimod: A Potential New Lupus Medication

Research is underway to measure the effectiveness of Cenerimod, a new lupus medication. Early evidence suggests it can help reduce symptoms and prevent flares. Cenerimod is a new medication being developed by the company Idorsia. It is an agonist and modulator for the

Day-to-Day Living

College and Life with Lupus: Services & Strategies

Living with lupus means dealing with plenty of challenges, and college can add to the list. But, university services can offer support to help you stay on track. Transitioning from being a child with lupus to being an adult with lupus is hard enough. But, add in going...

Living with Lupus

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Fertility, and Lupus

Fertility problems are common. Some women turn to in vitro fertilization to help get pregnant. While effective, it can add additional challenges for Lupus Warriors. In vitro fertilization, or IVF, is a type of fertility treatment that uses hormone treatments. It works like this: Hormone treatments...